Bring It On, 2019!

In the last days of December, I decided I really want to commit to a blog that showcases YA books and other stuff that I enjoy doing. I did this in hopes that I could find other people like me who enjoys reading books. Hence, the creation of this blog.

Now we’re at the start of the new year, I have lots of goals  that  I want to achieve. To be honest, I feel like I’m already going to fail achieving the goals I set for myself such as hitting the gym at least twice or thrice a week and saving up money. This is the reason why I really don’t do new year’s resolutions. But whatever. This 2019 I really want to start new habits that I think that is going to help me improve my life. I’ll be sharing some of my goals for this blog and probably some for my personal life.

Read more books.

Last year, I only read 22 books and that is perhaps the least number of books I’ve read in a year. This time I want to read around 50 books. Computing it, I should read around 4-5 books per month. I’m thinking to read at least one book per week so that I could also have the time to do other stuff like studying and spending time with friends.  Instead of drinking with friends every other day or smoking cigarettes every day, I will read books. This will be healthier habit for me and one that I can benefit from a lot. (Kids, don’t ever smoke!)

Clear some books in my TBR Pile.

My TBR List continues infinitely. But that’s not new. I think all book lovers out there have an ever-growing TBR list. Before, whenever I go to the bookstore to buy some school materials I would get one book. Every time I would go to the mall, I’d always go home with a book in my hand. In addition, I would always requests books for Christmas and birthdays. These leave me with a lot of books in my shelf that aren’t being read. I also have the tendency to buy like 20 books on Kindle in just one sitting. This year, I’m planning to read books that is been sitting on my shelf for so long. This would also help me save money which is one of my goals this year.

Read more adult and non-fiction books. 

This year I want to expand my book selection, thus I want to read more adult and non-fiction books. In addition, I feel like reading non-fiction books will help me in understanding the topics I should know and should care about because my generation will be the ones affected the decisions now. I would also benefit from knowing the hardships real people face and how they overcame it with real world solutions. In a way, it teaches me a lesson and maybe I can apply it in my life.

Donate some books in the local library. 

I know my mom did not purposely put me on a book ban even if she knows I can’t follow it.  I’m really guilty of buying and buying books even if I have so many books I haven’t read. It’s like I’m hoarding. I even have multiple copies of same books. This 2019, I plan to donate some to the library or to the school. I might even sell some of them because I am a broke college girl who is very much in need of money. Just by thinking about it, I feel like crying. These are my babies.  But I can do this. There might be even a person who’d love my books as I did. I feel like Andy from Toy Story when he is about to give his toys.

Do re-reads.

My professor once told me that I should try reading a book I don’t like (because I get bored) and read it again. This is because people change. I might change. The person who I might have been before may loved a book that I hate now. According to him, this could be a nice measurement of my growth or the change in my perspectives because these books that we hate and love will remain the same. But we, as humans, change. Thus, our feelings may change towards a certain book. And for this, I might do some re-reads here and there.

Become more socially active person.

This is a goal for my blog. I want to talk to like-minded people about my love for books.  I am planning to have a Twitter and Instagram accounts for this blog. I mean, I’m a person who has a hard tie warming up to people but then becomes really close in the future. That’s me in real life. I want to do that in this community as well. With this, I would also start to comment on posts of my fellow book bloggers. I’m really scared about this.

Post more contents.

This 2019 I intend to post contents regularly and review ALL the books I’ll read. I’ve also intend to make a blogging schedule that will help me manage my time wisely.  I also want to create features for this blog so that this blog will not just contain my book reviews. I’ll probably start making features around February after I settle in the university for the second semester.

I really hope that I could achieve these goals at the same time being on top of my school works & extra-curricular activities, still have the time to spend time with family and friends, and take care of myself physically and mentally.


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