Hello there!  I’m Bea and I’m a 20-year-old girl who lives in the Philippines. As of right now, I’m trying to make sure to keep up with my growing pile of TBR and my dreaded unending list of college stuff, as well as the tiresome and sometimes mentally tiresome social relationships. Keyword: Trying

Normally, I’m hanging out with myself doing school works with lots of cups of coffee and some bullet journal spreads or just watching movies and TV shows or hanging out with my friends doing some activities. But at times where I am not doing some school works or out with my friends, I’m usually buried inside a book. This sometimes includes me shouting and ranting because I’m irritated at some characters, randomly hitting my pillow or kicking because I’m fangirling, or I’m crying because there are authors who decided to write sad, heart-wrenching books.

In order to share my love for books, I created this blog Books and Bees. With the blog, I hope to connect to other book lovers out there. I named it after books because I love books. I think that’s pretty obvious right there. And I also named it after bees because for one my friends call me Bee (my nickname) and that I’m sometimes busy as a bee. So there’s that.